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Xcite Automotive has been innovating in the field of automotive marketing and dealer services for more than 13 years. Our expertise fuels enterprise groups, dealerships, and OEMs nationwide.

You’ve got inventory. We have powerful, state-of-the-art products and services to help you actively track and turn it over quickly.

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Premium Professional Photos

Did you know third-party advertising sites like Autotrader and Cars.com consider the number of photos when returning search results to shoppers? Don’t get left at the bottom of the list. Xcite Automotive provides exceptional photos that capture buyers’ interest.

Cutting-Edge Scalable Technology

Outperform your competitors and jump-start your speed to market with our exclusive tech tools and services, no matter the size of your operation.

Our People Are Car People

Xcite Automotive associates provide the highest level of service on a national level. We’re even setting a new industry benchmark with visits up to five days per week.

Raising the Bar of Excellence

Consumers expect sophisticated digital content and Xcite Automotive delivers. You expect unparalleled service and we make it happen.

Innovation Matters

You have challenges, we see potential. We view your inventory through a different lens and continually update our forward-looking products and services to give you an edge.

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Stunning Inventory Photos

Xcite Automotive presents full, detailed photo sets that grab buyers’ attention and inspire them to take action. Unique digital enhancements put each vehicle front and center and allow for additional, creative merchandising opportunities.

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360° Spin

Create a premium digital experience that turns tire-kickers into vehicle buyers. 360° Spin is an interactive virtual reality program featuring interior and exterior spins, motion-enabled views, tagged hotspots and more. Bring the showroom to buyers — anywhere, any time.

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High-quality videos are powerful marketing tools to engage buyers, particularly younger consumers. Xcite Automotive creates vibrant, professional videos to showcase your inventory and set you apart from the competition.

Custom Window Stickers and Digital Window Stickers

Don’t miss a marketing opportunity. Xcite Automotive utilizes custom vehicle window stickers to cleverly advertise your inventory and more. Digital window stickers allow online customers to explore installed options, value-added, and much more. Boost your standing in search results and fuel your website traffic with intelligent integration.


Photo Studio

This easy-to-use technology allows you to create and share pristine vehicle imagery in minutes. Attract more traffic to your online listings with Xcite Automotive's dynamic, professional, accessible photo studio.

Pure VIN

Add proprietary OEM data online and sell at a higher gross per vehicle. Xcite Automotive allows you to highlight specific options to support higher price points and demonstrate the value of your vehicles. Our expert data analysts find the right data and emphasize the features that sell. We’ll even work with your dealer website vendor to populate the data.



Accelerate your speed to market with this intelligent, exclusive tool to track vehicle status, service, details, and much more. Experience lot logistics with a bold difference.

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Pre-Owned Inventory Guides

Your dealership doesn’t need to be open to provide customers with a guide to the inventory you want to move. When you use MCode™, shoppers receive a direct text link to their vehicle of interest. This cost-effective solution allows you to assist consumers with vehicle selection, provide a takeaway for showroom and lot visitors, and distribute throughout your local community.

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