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Next-Gen Vehicle Merchandising

Interactive & Informative Visuals for Your VDPs

As the shift to online shopping accelerates in the automotive industry, creating a clean and interactive online shopping experience has never been more important. Additionally, it’s never been easier to achieve with Xcite Automotive. We’ll bring the right people and software to get the job done. We’ll even help you upgrade your facility with a professional photo studio. Put your trust in Xcite Automotive, the leaders in vehicle merchandising.

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    Empower Shoppers with Interactivity

    User-controlled 360° Spins, photo studios, digital backgrounds, branded overlays, and our professional on-the-lot photographers.

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    Higher Quality Photos with Less Hassle

    High resolution professionally shot photography in a studio or on-your-lot with our highly-trained 400 member field team.

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    Hold Gross with Original Feature Values

    Our PureVIN solution highlights each vehicle's best features with assigned feature values to help you hold gross margins. 


Photography &
Lot Services

Reliable   High Quality    Fast

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360° Spin

Interactive    Informative    Stunning

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Photo Studios

Engaging    Intelligent    Professional

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Point-of-Purchase Marketing

Window Stickers    Inventory Guides    XCode

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Digital Advertising

JumpStart  •  Dealership Videos

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The Future Is Coming

Streamlining dealer vehicle reconditioning and next-gen vehicle merchandising to just five days or less.

Future Is Here_Reconditioning Reconditioning
Future Is Here_Merchandising Merchandising

Speed to Market, Engaging Images, & Cost Savings

Available in Chicago, expanding into your market soon.


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