On-Lot Photography

Partnering with the dealership to get quality photographs online in a timely and efficient manner is our priority. During each service visit, our field reps check in and out with their store contact, ensuring a focus on days to photos, as well as quality captures.

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Vehicle Videos

Shoppers want the same experience they get at a dealership. Full-motion, walkaround videos offer a full 360° exterior walkaround and interior view.


Branded Overlays

Create custom, dynamic image overlays with dealership- and vehicle-specific content.

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Custom Backgrounds

Make the car the star with customized digital backgrounds. Replace busy and distracting clutter in the background of photos with a consistent digital image that can showcase an enhanced dealership-specific background.


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Photo Studios

Every car dealer needs a digital showroom—why not be the best? Engage your customers with world-class photography, interactive content, and 360° tours. Look to our Car Studio Pros division for both ground-up, full-studio solutions and upgrades to your existing space. With automated control software and pro-level equipment, it has never been easier to revolutionize your vehicle visuals.

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Interactive 360° Spins

Consumer controlled, 360° WalkAround® virtual experience allows consumers to feel like they’re right on your lot, next to the vehicle they’re considering. Full exterior and interior spin with close-up and hotspot tagging, so your shoppers can get an up-close view from any angle.

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Feature Tour

Feature Tour is a zero-process-change merchandising experience that allows shoppers to fully understand what vehicles are equipped with by highlighting the most valuable features with OEM video/graphic explainer content above the fold on the VDP. Now shoppers bounce less and aren’t forced to visit multiple websites to collect this info. It’s all delivered right on your site in an easy-to-navigate environment to increase and deepen engagement on the VDP.

Feature Tour


There is constant pressure to reduce the price of vehicles from the advertising stage, where third parties rate the prices of your vehicles, to the negotiation phase where shoppers often have the upper hand. PureVIN allows you to present the pure value of your vehicle in your advertising, on your website, and on your Window Stickers. Through a combination of technology and research, Xcite Automotive identifies the specific features included with your vehicle when it was new, assigns a value to these features, and helps you display the value of these features on your website and in your advertising.

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Window Stickers

Connecting your on-the-lot experience with your digital presence has never been more important than it is now. Xcite Window Stickers emphasize brand awareness, instill customer confidence, and vibrantly tell your story to your potential buyer to unify their shopping experience and present them with the information they need to make a purchase decision. With Xcite’s new Legal Size Window Sticker, you have more room than ever to share “why buy here” statements, F&I options, SMS text communication options, and more.


Buyers Guides

The FTC can penalize dealerships $41,484 per violation for vehicles that do not have the correct Buyers Guide displayed on used car inventory. That’s per vehicle! With our on-the-lot techs handling your compliance and sticker application needs, you can be confident that you will not be violating the FTC Used Car Rule in the event of a surprise compliance inspection. Need custom verbiage on your Buyers Guide? Our expert consultants will work with you to make sure you give the customer the information you want without violating FTC rules.


Inventory Guides

Don’t minimize the importance of the vehicle selection process in your showroom, or the number of shoppers who visit your dealership after hours! Our inventory guides beautifully display your vehicles in a 4- to 8-page brochure. Your Xcite lot representative will update your brochures weekly or bi-weekly and display them in provided indoor and outdoor brochure holders. Each vehicle contains an Xcode allowing shoppers to reconnect easily to the VDP on your website.


QR Codes

From restaurant menus to real estate flyers, QR codes are now commonly accepted as a way for customers to get more information. With QR codes on your Xcite Window Stickers, you fill that need while increasing your conversion rates from traditional ups, whether they visit during operating hours or not. With QR codes that point to the VDP, your prices will always be current and you can avoid embarrassing customer accusations regarding advertising differences.

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Eighty-two percent of text messages are read within five minutes, compared to the only 25 percent of emails that are ever opened. XCodes allow your dealership to communicate with shoppers in their preferred manner by automating the information delivery process for your lot visitors. With a quick text message, shoppers can receive a link to the VDP page that provides them with the information they need to make a decision and contact your Sales Department instantly or at a later time. Decrease the sales lost from customers leaving your lot prior to contact with XCodes text messaging.

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Increase your average prices sold per vehicle with JumpStart! We’ll post your newly merchandised vehicles on the industry’s largest ad network and social sites. JumpStart selectively supplements your current digital advertising programs by using AI to select the 10 most highly demanded, newly merchandised vehicles each month and driving shoppers to VDPs on your website before you start dropping prices.

Jumpstart - Advertise Smarter with AI


Accelerate your speed to market with this intelligent, exclusive tool to track vehicle status, service, details, and much more. Experience lot logistics with a bold difference.


Dealership Videos

At the end of the day, there are only two reasons why shoppers choose to buy: either they want the specific vehicle you have or they choose your dealership brand over the competition. Leverage our field team of videographers for a two-day shoot on your lot to affordably capture and create a video which will help tell your “why buy from me” story on your site and in your social media.

Dealership Branding Videos