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Xcite Automotive is proud to be a named solutions provider in General Motor's Dealer Digital Solutions & Car Bravo Program

GM iMR Turnkey Approved and match fund eligible

On-the-Lot Photography
Used Vehicles, New Vehicles, 360 Spin, and Damage Tagging
Window Stickers & XCode
Assist Shoppers & Capture Mobile Phone Numbers
Create a Competitive Advantage with Vehicle Options Data & Values

Why Xcite?

Utilize Our Over 475+ Photographers

Xcite Automotive’s team of over 475+ field photographers, called Frontliners, are specifically trained to General Motor’s new and used vehicle image capture standards.  Frontliners are supported by Xcite’s robust regional and corporate management team, dealer support team, QA team, and account managers.

PLUS, Xcite Automotive's team is specifically trained to provide Car Bravo-approved specifications for 360° imagery and damage tagging.

Xcite Solutions

Upgrade your Vehicle Merchandising with Xcite's Next-Gen Solutions

Vehicle Images

Used Vehicle Images
  • On your Lot Service
  • 28+ high-quality photos and required option call outs
  • 360 Spin Capture and Damage Tagging
New Vehicle Images
  • On your Lot Service 20+ high-quality photos
  • 360 Spin Capture (Interior & Exterior)

360 Spin Interior & Exterior Image Capture

Damage Tagging


Vehicle Window Stickers & XCode Vehicle Text Platform

Window Stickers
  • External or Internal Window Stickers
  • Legal or Letter Sizes
  • Addendums
  • Buyers Guides

Digital Text Connections
  • A unique code is assigned to your vehicle and integrated into our Window Sticker software for local printing
  • Shoppers can easily text the code to get an immediate direct link to their vehicle
  • The links are easily saved and accessible in the Shoppers Mobile Device for later viewing
  • CRM: Shopper Mobile Phone numbers and vehicle of interest are instantly forward to the Dealer CRM


Create a Competitive Advantage with PureVIN

  • Upon clicking the added options button, a new page opens that displays key features and showcases vehicle option details with corresponding values.
  • Allow shoppers to explore detailed installed options and accompanying prices.
  • We categorize and prioritize key features with added value options. Avoid the typical feature dump.
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