We’re Xcited to be your “on-the-lot” photography solution!

Your digital showroom should be a high quality experience just like your luxury vehicles offer in your physical showroom. 

Partner with the leader in “on-the-lot” inventory merchandising for your Jaguar Land Rover turnkey solution:

  • Create a clean, organized digital showroom.
  • Deliver a consistent online shopping experience, including the required Jaguar Land Rover first photo, overall sequence and angles, for EVERY vehicle, EVERY time!
  • Drive operational efficiencies at your dealership with a comprehensive, full vehicle, capture process for photos & 360.
  • Dedicated, highly trained photographers on Jaguar Land Rover imagery requirements working with your store daily, reviewing missing photo reports and assisting with on-the-lot inventory management to drive time to market and online presence.
  • Achieve Jaguar Land Rover quality imagery and other point of sales merchandising, like Window Stickers and FTC Compliant Buyer’s Guides.
  • Xcite Automotive can help dealers revolutionize their vehicle imagery with state-of-the-art photography studios.

    Questions? jlr@xciteauto.com