ryan serpentini

Ryan Serpentini

General Manager

Serpentini Chevrolet of Westlake



Faced with the pressures of COVID-19 accelerating the already strong  consumer preference for sharp, consistent, interactive vehicle visuals, Ryan Serpentini tackled three challenges faced by many dealerships:

Challenge 1

Photo Shoot Area

Poor lighting resulted in poor images

Challenge 2

Outdated Software

Software failed to make images interactive

Challenge 3

Distracted Employee

Photographer fell behind due to volume

The Solutions:

Problem 1:  Poor Photo Shoot Area:  While efforts were being made to relocate each used vehicle to the service bay for photo shoots, the service bay lacked the proper lighting to create professional vehicle images:  

The Solution:  Ryan researched the growing number of Vehicle Photo Studio offerings in the industry and chose the Professional Series Photo Studio by Car Studio Pros, a subsidiary of Xcite Automotive.  

The impact? The new studio embeds diffused light throughout the entire enclosed walls and comes with a handy turntable, fully capable DSLR cameras, and a software system which automates much of the vehicle shoot.  The Serpentini website now features clean, consistent, and stunning photos!



Problem 2:  Outdated Vehicle Merchandising Software:  Like many dealers, the current software solution in place at the dealership worked great to upload photos to the web but lacked the ability to create  the interactive spins many consumers now desire.  360º Spin allow shoppers to seamlessly move the vehicle around on their mobile phone recreating the vehicle walk-around experience on the shopper's mobile device. 

The Solution:  After a consultation with Xcite Automotive, Ryan chose the SpinCar 360º solution which is specifically integrated with the Car Studio Pros Software. 

The Impact?  Online shoppers now enjoy the ability to control their shopping process, enabling them to perform a virtual walk-around of each vehicle with the touch of their fingertips.


Problem 3:  Distracted Employees:  Ryan's employees at the dealership were managing the vehicle shoots at the dealership and often were distracted by other duties, creating inconsistencies with the vehicle image capture process.  In fact, in an audit of the first 32 used vehicles displayed  on the search results page of  the Serpentini website on Dec 9, 2020,  and alarming 13 of the 32 vehicles featured only "stock images" of the vehicle,  These vehicles had less than ten total images.  The 32 vehicles studied averaged a total of only 19 photos. 

The Solution:  Ryan leveraged Xcite Automotive's full service capabilities and 400+ nationwide team of photographers to come on site 4-5 days per week and manage the photo and 360º Spin shoots. 

The Impact?  The impact was dramatic.   Within weeks the Xcite team built the photo studio, installed the new software, and began shooting photos. Sixty days later another audit of the first 32 vehicles displayed on the website was conducted. The study found that only 3 vehicles  now featured stock photos with the average number of photos per vehicle doubling from 19 to 38 photos.