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The modern vehicle retailer understands that merchandising matters. Presentation and information affect consumer purchase behavior. How is your vehicle information presented to shoppers on your lot? Does it inform and engage them? Is the impression of your dealership brand important to you when customers are walking the lot and viewing your inventory?

Upgrade to our New Sticker Superstar!

Dealership Logo & “Why-Buys”

Showcase your branding, business values and/or commitments to your customers

Feature Data & Content

Highlights the most critical vehicle info, including standard & optional equipment details. Also a great space to display reviews & ratings.

Lower Strip Messaging

Create an additional call-to-action statement for your lot shoppers

Embedded QR Code

Links directly to your website VDP so shoppers can get more information.

Specialized Marketing Content

There are many fantastic ways to use this space, including: Showcase sample payments List addendum equipment add-ons
 Introduce popular F&I services & accessories Highlight market-pricing comparisons to demonstrate transparency

Exterior, Large Formats are HERE!

Easily applied and visible to your shoppers, these are ideal for branding your dealership with a powerful, professional image! The largest dealer groups in the U.S. are adopting this new format – and it’s obvious why that is!

Customized Design

We’ll help you adopt your brand, logo(s) and messaging content. Simply send us your current sticker or we’ll help mock-up something new!

Durable & Waterproof Vinyl

Rain? Snow? Intense sunshine? Our external stickers were developed in partnership with Xerox and can withstand anything but your high-pressure water hose – guaranteed!


Our adhesive is strong, but it won’t leave any frustrating residue. Leave those sharp blades and nasty chemicals in the shop!


Our stickers will absorb ink and dry quickly. Our colors don’t run!

speedy & reliable fulfillment

We print on our own industrial equipment and process orders immediately. Whether you are a Dealership Service Provider, Dealer Group or a single-point retailer, we will ship your order to any designated location – NO MARKUP!

Available Products

Large-format External Vinyl Sticker, Custom

(Pack of 100)

Standard-format Internal Sticker, Custom

(Pack of 100)

Buyers Guide, External in English

(Pack of 100; “As-is” or “Implied” Warranty)

Buyers Guide, Internal in English

(Pack of 100; “As-is” or “Implied” Warranty)

Buyers Guide, External in Spanish

(Pack of 100; “As-is” or “Implied” Warranty)

Buyers Guide, Internal in Spanish

(Pack of 100; “As-is” or “Implied” Warranty)

Standard-Format External Sticker

(Pack of 100)

Standard-format OEM/CPO Internal Sticker

(Pack of 100)

Standard-format OEM/CPO External Sticker

(Pack of 100)

Addendum External Stickers

(2 per page; 100-page pack)

Standard-format Internal Sticker, Blank Page

(Pack of 100)

Finally there is a better alternative to the same old stickers from the past. I am now recommending the large external window stickers for all my dealership clients. The ability to convey their brand message and vehicle details is unmatched. As soon as my dealers see these in person – they instantly get it!

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