Xcite Advertising Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to Xcite Automotive

Xcite Advertising Unveils New Name As Part of An Extensive Rebranding Initiative

(CHICAGO - MAY 19, 2020) Xcite Advertising, an automotive industry leader in the digital experience and marketing services space, has today announced a complete rebranding and name change to Xcite Automotive. The Chicago-based marketing company is expanding its product offerings to the automotive industry through the recent acquisition of Car Studio Pros, which has enhanced the customer's car-buying journey for its car dealer clients. Xcite’s rebranding effort is a renewed commitment to dealers and OEMs to offer a more robust service and digital experience to help dealers move inventory more quickly and efficiently online.

Xcite's rebranding is part of an extensive initiative. Apart from the new identity, the company will now include a suite of full-service auto marketing solutions. In addition to current offerings like the 360° Spin -- a virtual reality type of marketing that allows users to experience all car attributes -- the company is releasing a new initiative called JumpStart. This new solution leverages a multi-patented and proprietary AI-powered system and captures real time shopper behavior across a network of 3+ million websites, and scores 100 million shopper interactions daily. In early testing, dealers found significant value in the program. In fact, when analyzing total dealer website vdp traffic of vehicles in the campaign, the research found that 80% of the total traffic to those vdps was new to the dealers website.

The company is enhancing current solutions, adding new software and multimedia capabilities for detailed photo sets, full motion inventory video and data analytics. Under the new Xcite brand, the company is expanding its employee base, including on the lot services techs, account teams, marketing and product development. Clients will also continue to receive up to five days service and access to account teams customized solution visits.

"Under the new Xcite Automotive brand, we will continue to offer best-in-class digital and marketing services to our existing and potential clients. This initiative demonstrates how Xcite is leading the charge in technology based capabilities to help dealers and OEMS move their product,” said Phil Penton, Xcite Automotive, CEO. “This new positioning perfectly illustrates our growing ambition to better the automotive market.”

The new offerings come just in time to meet the complex needs of the industry—ranging from customers that take multiplatform buyer journeys to shoppers that want deep-level connections with auto dealers.

“With car buyers indicating that they are least satisfied and frustrated with how long the car purchasing process takes - from paperwork through negotiations - research* shows that digital retailing is key to reducing time at the dealership,” says Skip Dowd, Xcite Automotive's Chief Sales Officer. “With the onset of COVID, digital retailing is becoming an even more important necessity for dealers. Xcite Automotive can help dealers recreate the on-site experience for shoppers online with an innovative set of tools -- enticing visuals and an engaging virtual walkaround -- encouraging car buyers to continue their online purchase journey.”

With the increased number of retailers and an uncertain economic market, car sellers must find innovative marketing solutions to improve brand loyalty and reduce costs. Automotive marketing approaches have to keep with the ever-changing digital technologies to entice their now well-informed customers. Xcite Automotive's complete marketing solutions experience provides an impactful digital way for sellers to reconnect with buyers, improve engagement levels, and increase sales.

About Xcite 

Xcite Automotive, an industry leader focused on digital marketing solutions for car dealerships since 2007, is one of the fastest-growing solutions providers in the automotive industry. Xcite Automotive marketing solutions range from online showrooms and experiential platforms to digital window stickers, inventory guides, and data analytics. Currently serving over 1,000 dealers, Xcite provides automotive photography, 360 Spin video and lot tracking technology solutions. The company is Chicago-based, employs more than 400 people in offices nationwide and is the fastest growing lot service & inventory merchandising provider in the United States.

For more information about Xcite, please visit www.xciteauto.com or call Teresa Alagna, Marketing Director, Xcite Automotive at 312.498.9593.

*Cox Automotive 2019 Car Buyer Journey Study

Contact: Teresa Alagna
Xcite Automotive

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