Xcite Automotive recently launched a new tool for Lot Shoppers, Xcode, a text product which allows a shopper to text a unique number to receive an instant weblink which takes them to the Vehicle Details page on the dealer website.  With Xcode, shoppers can get the information they want and SAVE the vehicle to their text thread.  Dealers build website traffic and receive the shopper phone number and vehicle of interest in their CRM. 

Xcite's rollout of Xcode has been fast and with that we have some interesting data to share.  While our data pool will expand greatly in coming quarters it is  interesting to dive into some of the early results.  This data is pulled from 40 Franchise dealers across the United States

Most popular Year shopped (Used Vehicles)

     2019:  27%

     2018 19%

     2020 17%

     2017 12%

     2016 7%

Average number of Xcode requests per shopper:  2.3 vehicles.

Most Popular Make's:

     Toyota 18%

     Chevrolet 12% 

     Jeep 11%

     Ford 11%

    GMC 7%

    Ram:  6%

For more information on Xcode, email Xcite Automotive at sales@xciteauto.com